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Further to our recent appeal for regular donations we have discovered an issue with Virgin moneygiving which is having a serious impact on our finances.

When someone commits to regular donations, they are asked to use a credit or debit card. If that card goes out of date or is replaced for any reason the donations cease. Virgin moneygiving do not contact you to prompt an update of your card details.

We have also spoken with people who thought they had signed up for regular donations monthly but in fact had made a one off donation. This is may be due to the layout of the virgin moneygiving page

As a result of this we have spoken to several donors who thought they were continuing to give when in fact their payments had ceased. Some of these go back over two years.

If you are already a regular donor, we would ask you to check that your donation is still live. You can do this by checking your account on the virgin moneygiving website:

Alternatively you can email with your query.



Like many organisations Operation Florian is facing extreme challenges during this pandemic. “Covid 19” has had a serious effect on the charity, with all operations suspended. This means we have not been able to fund raise or seek finance for our projects. Our income has been drastically reduced and the charities funds are starting to run dangerously low as we still have ongoing running costs to meet.

The effect of this is that when things start to return to normal, we will have little funding available to meet the needs of communities who desperately seek our help.

In the last 10 years we have sent over 50 emergency vehicles to needy communities and several hundred members have given their time and effort to work on these projects. In the last 2 years alone, we have loaded and shipped 11 containers of vital equipment

To drive/ship a vehicle costs between £1,500 to £8,000 per vehicle and to ship a container costs between £1,800 to £5,000 depending on destination.

To get a team member from the UK to the mission destination and then meet their needs within country (transportation, food, accommodation etc) costs around £500 + per person if working in Europe to £1,500 + per person working outside Europe.

In order to continue the vital work we do we are asking for your help and support by clicking here to make a contribution. If you could consider a regular donation that would be great, even just a few pounds per month will help us to continue the lifesaving work we do.

we completely understand that this is probably not the biggest priority in life right now however our work has been saving lives for over 25 years.

PPE (personal protective equipment) which everyone understands now is one of the things we are still able to facilitate as a working Charity. We will be sending a large shipment of Firefighters PPE to the Philippines next week despite the COVID19 19 pandemic so our work still carries on Saving lives worldwide.

Thank you on behalf of our members and Board and stay safe.

Michael A Doherty BEM
Operation Florian

Please visit our Facebook page Operation Florian for more latest news.

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