Ecuador, Canton Ruminahui Sangolqui

In 2005, Operation Florian commenced its project in Ecuador donating a fire appliance and ambulance to a town called  Sangolqui, in the region of Ruminahui, which is 30 minutes south of the Capital, Quito.

The main organiser of the project within Ecuador was Coronel Jorge Ayala, the commanding Officer of Sangolqui, and a lead figure within the country for supporting firefighters nationally.

In July 2007 Operation Florian volunteer instructors flew to Ecuador at the invitation and expense of the Ecuadorian Fire Service so as to deliver specialist instruction on the donated equipment, namely in the skills of Breathing Apparatus and Road Traffic Collision training.

This mission had been co-ordinated and facilitated by Colonel Jorge Ayala of Quito gathered firefighters both professional & volunteers from 16 different fire corps from throughout the country to receive their 1 week training in breathing apparatus and road traffic collision. Further donations and training were followed up in 2009.

The project has recommenced activities in 2013 and in 2015 a shipping container has been organised by Mick Cant who is now the project lead.  The intention will be at some part during the next 12 months to recommence the project.

The planned objectives will be to continue with the capacity building of the technical and practical firefighting and rescue skills for the local and regional firefighters.

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