Training Commenced at Famona Fire Station Bulawayo on 13th March 2015

Team Bulawayo 2015

This project aim was to build on the success of previous phases, continuing to improve training standards and ensure the effective utilisation of donated equipment and vehicles. Students from the University of Central Lancashire were sponsored to join the mission and supported the training by shadowing experienced UK volunteer trainers. They also took part in activities, such as, community fire safety campaigns and visits.

Project Manager – Anthony Burscough.  Team Members – Michael Doherty, Shephard Ndlovu, David Paul, Peter John Ashworth, Reginald Tassiker, Gary Higson, Mark Boluslaw, Graham Rudman, Roy Barraclough, Stuart Matthews, Peter Ramsey, Ian Sullivan, William James Hatfield, Michael Dayson. UCLAN Students – Alex Buckingham, Alexander Bladen, Gemma Broadfoot, Julian Wahnon, David Nelson, Crystal Colbert, Liam Ford, Matthew Alan Tweedy.

Basic Skills Training

This year part of the training focused on practical core skills. This content included ladders, pumps and pump operation, rescues, basic hazmat, breathing apparatus and road traffic accident collision. Participants took part in a series of practical exercises and scenarios, developing skills and knowledge acquired on previous phases. They were also taught equipment maintenance, testing procedures and how to follow a maintenance schedule.

We also continued with the trainer the trainer course, which is designed to develop personnel who will be capable of continuing the training currently being delivered by Operation Florian which will lead to sustainability. Subjects covered will include planning, presentation, assessment, and development. This course supports Bulawayo Fire and Ambulance Service plans to establish a training School.

Training the Trainers

This course was mostly aimed at continuing the development of the potential trainers selected on the previous phase. The officers were also trained in the use of ropes and other specialist equipment required to rescue people from heights or confined spaces, the team will provide a specialist rope rescue function, as well as their usual firefighting, rescue and training activities.


On the 30 May 2015, an official passing out parade and handover ceremony took place at Bulawayo City Hall. The event was hosted by Bulawayo’s Mayor and City Council. Heads of departments, CFO’s of local Fire Services and VIP’s attended along with members of commerce, industry and the media.  The event started with welcoming speeches. This was followed by a several demonstration drills by the firefighters utilising their new skills and techniques.

Operation Florian continues to make a difference in Zimbabwe and helps create safer communities. Since starting to operate in Zimbabwe, Operation Florian has donated equipment, fire engines and delivered training to various fire services in Zimbabwe covering a population of approximately 4.07 million.


Operation Florian are extremely grateful to all supporters of this project. Without your assistance these projects would not be possible. You have helped to save lives and improve community safety:-

Aberdeen City Council

City of Bulawayo

Scottish Fire and Rescue Service

University of Central Lancashire (UCLAN)

Lancashire Fire and Rescue Service

Cleveland Fire Brigade

East Sussex Fire and Rescue Service

West Sussex Fire and Rescue Service

Lincolnshire Fire and Rescue Service

Hereford and Worchester Fire and Rescue Service

Gloucestershire Fire and Rescue Service

Synergy UK






NB: Fire and Rescue Services throughout the UK regularly donate equipment used on these projects and we are extremely grateful for that support.

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